BiAloe® Must Remain Dry Aloe!

BiAloe® Must Remain Dry Aloe!

Because it is completely water-soluble (and therefore much more effective), pure BiAloe® powder has been challenging to store such that it remains fresh and dry.
Here is how we now meet that challenge:

Supply Handling and Storage

  • Kilos of BiAloe® are sealed within a Mylar bag in a dry environment at the processing plant. The amount of moisture that could get through those bags is so ridiculously small as to be not even a consideration.
  • When the sealed kilos are received at ABCompany they are immediately placed, unopened, in the moisture-controlled dry lab for storage until needed.
  • Only one kilo of BiAloe® is opened at a time. Others remain sealed until needed.
  • Once opened, enough BiAloe® pure powder is removed to satisfy the immediate order requirements. The unused portion remains in the Mylar bag, which is zip-lock sealed.
  • The Mylar bag is then placed in a double-zip-lock vacuum storage bag, and a vacuum is drawn on the bag to remove the air.
  • When the double-zip-lock vacuum storage bag remains collapsed, indicating that most of the air has been removed, that combination is placed inside another double-zip-lock storage bag, which is then sealed and the air drawn out.
  • If the remaining BiAloe® will not be needed for 2 or more days, (weekends, holidays, etc.) the vacuum bag combination is placed in an additional bag which is then heat-sealed.
  • The combination is stored in a rigid container to protect from accidental punctures.

Measuring and Packaging

  • The BiAloe® supply, containers and all other materials are stored in a humidity-controlled clean room environment.
  • Jars, lid seals, lids, desiccants and tools are visually inspected under magnification to assure cleanliness.
  • Empty jars are individually placed on the scale, and the scale is reset to zero.
  • The BiAloe® is slowly added to the jar until it slightly exceeds the net weight shown on the label.
  • A large food-grade clay desiccant packet is added to the jar.
  • A special food-grade Redmond Clay-filled teabag is added to the jar.
  • The lid with self-sealing lid seal is screwed on tightly, then quickly tightened even more to assure a good seal.
  • The sealed jar is placed in a plastic sleeve which is quickly shrunk around the jar with a heat gun.
  • The jar is placed in a double-Ziplock vacuum storage bag and the air is drawn out.
  • The assembly is placed in a “regular” plastic bag, which is heat-sealed.
  • It is then packed in a shipping container and sent to the customer.

Recommended Handling for Use

  • Carefully cut the outer bag, being careful to not damage the vacuum bag inside.
  • Unzip the inner bag, remove the jar and set the bag aside in a clean, protected area for re-use.
  • Carefully break and remove the shrink seal.
  • Unscrew the lid and remove an amount of BiAloe® powder that you expect to use in the next few days, transferring this amount into another clean container with a tight fitting lid.
    NOTE: The amount that you can safely transfer depends on the humidity where you are.
  • Immediately place the lids back on each of these containers and tighten securely.
  • Return the BiAloe® jar to the double Ziplock vacuum storage bag, seal using the two ziplocks, then use your household vacuum to remove the air from the bag.
  • Store in a dry place. DO NOT REFRIGERATE!

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