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  1. Common Feeding Boo-boos for Humans

Educational Programs by Dr. Regan Golob

Health Talk for Horses DVD by Regan Golob SALE! $45.00

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Regular Price $60.00

“Ancient Wisdom Meets Common Sense Horsemanship”

Where Have All The Horsemen Gone?

“Regan Golob, known to many as a powerful healer to Humans and Animals, has spent more than 20 years developing a system of contact points that locates and identifies energy congestion and imbalances in our equine friends.

His system of Bio Energy Analysis Techniques is the subject of this video. You will learn how to energetically test your horses for common congestions including: Parasite Infestation; Liver Congestion; Thyroid Balance; Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies and Excesses; and much more.

To Regan, health is a three-legged stool. There are powerful Emotional, Chemical and Physical influences that all play a part in your horses well being. Regan identifies these influences with you and gives you techniques and tools that you can use on a daily basis to help your horses achieve the balance to which they are naturally inclined.

‘We are the Ambassadors of our horses health,’ Regan believes, and he wants you to be empowered to identify where your horses need attention. This is a video that will change the relationship with your horses for life.

Where have all the horsemen gone? Where has all the common sense gone? Learn to listen to what your horse is saying. Understand what your horse is communicating. Become aware of the obvious, and the innate intuitive Horseman in you will manifest in an amazing and powerful way.”


I have had the privilege of both attending Regan’s live seminars and watching this video. No-one could prepare you for the mind-blowing learning experience each of them present. I recommend that you first watch the video, then, if you can swing it, attend the live seminar.”

Bruce Wesley Chenoweth

Save money on vet bills with prevention.
“Great information any horse person should know if they are wanting to save money on veterinary care by preventing illness and injury.”
Jennifer Doddridgeon

Healthy Horses
“Great dvd! a little pricey but worth it using the exercises on several horses and already noticing a difference . Great information for any horse owner or equine bodyworker. Would recommend to anyone .”
Amazon Customer

Five Stars
Jennifer Guidry

Common Feeding Boo-boos for Humans: Incorporating Nutritional Reality Into Your Perfect Health Program
by Dr. Regan Golob and Judy Sinner
Audio MP3 tracks on

Feeding Boo-boos for Humans

Track#  & Subject:
1-3. Introduction
4. “Protein”
5. “Carbohydrates and Sugars”
6. “Inorganic Minerals”
7. “Salt”
8. “Digestion”
9. “Fats”
11. “Icky Things”
12. Music to fade

Also includes:
* Alkaline-Acid Foods Chart, and,
* Food Combinations and Choices Chart
* Cover Image

Common feeding boo-boos for humans

Do you really know what it takes to become healthy and stay healthy?

I didn’t!

Not until I had listened to this great Natural Health lecture several times.

As you probably know, most people are being dangerously misinformed and misdirected in their quest for good health. With all the contradictory information we are inundated with, how can we choose the most accurate source?

Dr. Regan Golob and Judy Sinner have compiled years of research and practice in the fields of health and nutrition into this program. It presents a valid, effective and simple source of information that will enable people to incorporate nutritional reality into a perfect health program.

In this 79 minute audio program Dr. Regan Golob and Judy Sinner team up to present the basic reality of healthy human eating and nutritional supplementation to a live audience in New Plymouth, Idaho.  They dispel and warn against dangerous health myths du jour regarding human health and nutrition, such as unnaturally attempting to control cholesterol or fat intake, high-protein diets, etc, and offer simple, sensible and highly effective ways to experience optimum health through proper diet and nutritional supplementation.

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“Each time another copy of this great program sells, it feels like the strength of Humanity has just improved a little bit more.”

Bruce Wesley Chenoweth


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