Changing Your Mind About Smoking

Changing Your Mind About Smoking

Changing Your Mind About Smoking

“You can become a non-smoker — overnight — without ever having to “QUIT! — by merely following the simple, enjoyable exercises in this Playbook.”

Hi, my name is Bruce Wesley Chenoweth, and I am now a non-smoker since 1972.

I began smoking casually in 1946 — when I was just 4 years old!

By age 5 I was able to roll my own with Velvet pipe tobacco and brown rolling papers from my dad’s stash.

By the time I started junior high school I was smoking about a pack a day. Bought “taylor-mades” with my lunch money then worked in the school cafeteria to get something to eat, or, stole tobacco and rolling papers from my dad.

When I joined the Army at age 17, I was up to two packs a day.

By then, the Surgeon General had declared that smoking “may be harmful to your health.”  Word was that what he really wanted to tell the world that it was a primary cause of cancer.

Millions of smokers, including me, tried to ‘quit.’

“Quitting is EASY! I’ve done it hundreds of times …”

That old joke belies the truth that ‘quitting’ smoking is unbelievably difficult—at least long-term. There is a “hidden reason” that smokers are seldom able to successfully, permanently quit. Tobacco companies know that dirty little secret, and have effectively used it to their advantage for  many years.

Once you understand the secret, the solution becomes apparent.

But, it took many long, difficult years for me to figure it out, even though there were obvious clues all along the way.

At just 15 years of age I already accepted that I was addicted to tobacco. I coughed constantly. I frequently got sick. I was terrible at sports. I couldn’t run very far. Hiking was difficult and painful. I had to lie, cheat and steal to get cigarettes. I couldn’t concentrate in school—instead I kept thinking about having a smoke … I dropped out somewhere between the ninth and tenth grades. An education wasn’t as important to me as being “out in the world” where I was free to smoke.

Fast forward to age 24. By then I was a chain smoker. Then one night I was thrown out of an Army Jeep as it crashed into a large storm runoff ditch in Korea. The Jeep rolled over onto my chest. Both of my lungs were crushed and collapsed. My heart was injured and dislocated.

Several days later I awoke in the hospital. A machine was breathing for me through an incision in my trachea. Other tubes seeming to go everywhere from my body. I slowly began to realize where I was and what had happened. 

Once I realized the severity of my situation, and the fact that the air that was going into my lungs wasn’t even going through my nose or mouth, I realized that I had a serious problem … “How was I going to be able to smoke through all that medical breathing equipment?”

The surgeon who had operated on me enthusiastically assured me that I would not! Not only then, but, given the severity of damage to my lungs, never again! His exact words about beginning to smoke again were “Not for long, you won’t!”

For the next 5 weeks I was restricted to the hospital and I was unable to smoke. Not only was it “doctors orders,” but the doctor was a U.S. Army Colonel. Since I was only a Specialist 5th Class, it would not have been a good career decision to violate the direct orders of a colonel!

By the time I left the hospital all the nicotine was gone from my system. I was no longer faced with withdrawal. What a great opportunity, right?  Every reason in the world to not ever smoke again, handed to me on a silver platter …

Every reason, that is, except one … That nasty little unrecognized reason that causes all smokers to start smoking again, no matter how long they have “quit.”

In my mind, I was still a smoker–but, I wasn’t smoking. It didn’t feel “right!”

Predictably, a crisis came along. One of our U.S. Navy boats, the “Pueblo,” was captured by the North Koreans. Suddenly we were on the brink of war, and I was right in the middle of it!

What was my personal solution to the crisis?

Every smoker knows exactly what it was … light up a cigarette!

I was a smoker, and I was smoking. Again, my world was as it “should be.”  That unnoticed truth was virtually screaming at me, but I still didn’t notice … I was too busy delighting in drawing that comforting poison deeply into my delicate lungs …

Now fast forward again, this time to age 28. By then I was “limiting” myself to only smoke three packs a day. I coughed myself to sleep at night. I coughed myself awake in the morning. I coughed up blood. My chest ached all the time. Few people had as many reasons and as much need to “quit” as I did. But, by then I had failed at “quitting” so many times I didn’t even bother to try any more. It seemed to be more important to make certain I had enough life insurance for my family to be able to go on without me. I faced the grim truth … I WAS A SMOKER.

It was then that my eyes opened to the secret. It had been so obvious the whole time. Smokers smoke, and non-smokers do not smoke. Smokers try to quit, then either start to smoke again or spend the rest of their days in withdrawal. Non-smokers just simply do not smoke. Non-smokers do not even recognize withdrawal.

The secret solution, then, is to be a non-smoker!

But, how do you do that? What is the difference between a smoker and a non-smoker?     

The only REAL difference is in how you think in your mind. If you are a smoker, you have it deeply embedded in your mind that you are a smoker. Even if you go for years without smoking, you are constantly aware that something is missing from your life. At some point, during a moment of stress, you will more than likely find yourself puffing a cigarette again.

But non-smokers don’t do that. Even when non-smokers are stuck for long periods in small rooms that are filled with so much tobacco smoke that they inhale more nicotine than the average smoker, when they leave the room they are still non-smokers. It is unlikely that they even associate their nicotine affliction with tobacco—they just notice that they feel sick for a few days, then it is over and forgotten.

The difference is that they think differently in their minds. They see different mental pictures of themselves

The secret  is to change your mind about smoking. To adjust your internal belief structure from that of a smoker to that of a non-smoker.

I know exactly how to do that!  It is actually amazingly simple, and even can be quite a lot of fun.

Based on my knowledge of self-image psychology and self hypnosis, I was able to develop an effective mind-changing process for myself. I applied it every day, even though I continued to smoke three packs a day throughout the entire process. Then, one morning I noticed that I had not had a cigarette yet that day. It was 10:00 A.M.  I had been up since 5:00 A.M., so I “normally” would have been opening my second pack about that time. My first pack was unopened. I had crossed the threshold sometime during the night. I had become a non-smoker!

Although I did feel a little sick as the nicotine left my body, I never craved a smoke, chew, snuff or anything that related to tobacco from that day forward. In my changed mind, it would have been totally absurd to even consider adding more poison to my body to relieve the discomfort caused by the poison that was dissipating. The change was permanent, painless, and even quite enjoyable.

May I share my process with you?

May I share my process with you? I lay it all out in a playbook titled “Changing Your Mind About Smoking.” It gives you everything you need to permanently become a non-smoker.


And, it costs less than a few packs of cigarettes!

The PLAYBOOK gives you instructions and effective exercises for changing your mind. If you follow the simple steps and do the exercises every day, you will become a non-smoker,  and, I guarantee it!

Even though the price of the book is so low as to be inconsequential, if you follow the program and do not permanently become a non-smoker as a result, you may either:

(a) return the book to receive a full refund of what you paid for it, or,

(b) send me your book. I will review your work, then coach you to identify ways to adjust your process so that it will happen.

I have extended this 100% money-back guarantee for many years, and, to this date, I have not received a single PLAYBOOK back for a refund!

So, check it out:


It costs next to nothing! In fact, when you have become a non-smoker, the savings on not buying tobacco alone can save you a fortune! Wisely invest the cost of 2 packs of cigarettes each day and you can literally amass a fortune.


All you have to lose is: coughing, headaches, toxicity, immune deficiency, frequent sickness, shortness of breath, shame, premature death … shall I go on?


What you have to gain is: self-respect, dignity, better health, longer life, braggin’ rights, improved athletic ability, more accurate thinking, a significant portion of your income SAVED, and several thousand other percs …

Not only will you change your mind, you will also change your life and the lives of those who love you—all for the ridiculously insignificant price of $20 (for the e-book) and the investment of a few pleasant hours spread over the next few weeks.

YOUR time is NOW!

So, now that you know about this great tool which will guide you make the change, and, since you can certainly afford the book much more easily than you can afford to continue smoking, now is your time to become free from the debilitating and demeaning shackles of smoking ‘addiction.’

To re-claim your freedom from tobacco, follow the advice of the Nike company …

“Just do it!”

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