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  1. When you find items you want, click the orange”Add to cart” button to the right of the item (or, immediately below, if there is only one item in that section).
  2. Find the item in the right column to change the quantity from one, or to remove it from the cart.
    IMPORTANT: Press Enter immediately after changing the quantity of EACH ITEM. If you change more than one before pressing Enter, only the last one will be changed.
  3. Repeat # 1 & 2 with all the items you choose to purchase with this order.


  1. You may check out either from the right column, or by opening the CHECKOUT page from the page tabs.
  2. Carefully review your list of items to be certain they are each what you intended to order, and that the quantities are correct.
  3. Make any desired changes by changing the quantity FOLLOWED IMMEDIATELY wit Enter,
    or delete any items from the list by clicking the trash can icon or changing the quantity to “0”.
  4. Click the orange “Checkout with PayPal” button.
    You can choose to pay with any of the 5 major credit cards shown, or with your PayPal account.


Transfer Widgets, $0.01 each
[wp_cart_button name=”Transfer Widgets” price=”0.01″]

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